3 Frauen die im Park laufen, von vorne

We are your insiders, strategic experts and efficient networkers.

Our team.

Wir sind Ihre Insider:innen, strategische Expert:innen und effiziente Netzwerker:innen.


Daniela Fuchs

Portrait foto von Dr. Daniela Fuchs

Driven by the joy of strategic branding and relevant communication, especially of sustainable brand activation.

Chiara Wacker

Portrait foto von Chiara Wacker

Driven by a passion for conceptual work and the thrill of seeing it come to life.

Johanna Bätz

Portrait foto von Johanna Baetz

Driven by the delight of empathic branding, aiming to construct brands with a human-centered approach.

Lisa Keißner

Portrait foto von Lisa Keißner

With enthusiasm for creating a sustainable brand and implementing the corresponding brand identity across all relevant touchpoints to bring a strategic vision and image to life.

Leonis Petschmann

Portrait foto von Leonis Petschmann

Driven by strategies that engage all stakeholders and thus ensure the sustainable success of the company.

Dr. Michael Hofmann

Portrait foto von Dr. Michael Hoffmann

Driven by the conviction to think about transformation holistically.


Foto von einem hellen Hund

Driven by love and cuddling, running with friends and the joy of nature and of course tasty treats.

Our network.

As creativity does not diminish when it is shared, we are happy to work with experts from specific markets and disciplines as required. We see ourselves as the perfect team for your project.

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